Vive Meals

* The Vive Difference is the quality of ingredients and preparation.* 

Vivé is a line of clean and healthy food options. The meals are prepared utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients according to recipes developed by Chef Robert Vasquez. All food components are chemical-free and top-grade. The average calorie content ranges between approximately 170 calories (veggie omelet) and 450 calories (beef steak w. sweet potato & pork belly.)

Vivé Meals utilize locally-grown, in-season produce as much as possible. Local farms also help supply the protein (beef, poultry, pork, seafood, etc.)The meals are produced twice weekly:  Sunday (Monday-Wednesday meals) and Wednesday (Thursday-Friday meals.)  This insures the freshest possible product.

There are many meal program options on the market.  Vive Meals stand out in the crowd because of the Vive Difference.  The meals are hand crafted by Chef Robert Vasquez of Opal Basil.  Chef is an internationally trained and awarded phenom.  He hand selects high quality ingredients and creates dishes that will make you forget that you are eating "healthy!"

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